Thursday, 2 September 2010

Vergelegen 2006 Cabinet Sauvignon/Merlot

I couldn't believe my eyes when i spotted this bottle at only £3.99 in Morrisons and scooped as many as I could afford. This is a truely superb bottle of red given time to mature and bring out a rich, complex flavour.

It is one of the best wines you can get in a supermarket and this particular bottle is being priced at over £14 with many online vinters. You may be ab;le to get better reds, but for under a fiver? I doubt it 9.5/10

Namaqua shirav/Cabernet sauvignon

This is one of my favourite wines and my best find since Isla Negra was £2.99 and a fashionable drop of wine.

This spicy red is packed with flavour and warmth and goes with just about anything. At 14.5% it is strong, though, so bear that in mind if planning to drink lots of the stuff.

You may need to buy it under offer to get the bottle for under £5, but it regularly is at this price and offers excellent value 8.5/10

Lagunilla Rioja

A good example of a Rioja with a strong and robust flavour, fully of oaky berries and smooth flavour that lasts until the end without any bitter aftertaste.
I'll certainlybe buying this again. 7/10

First Cape Cabernet Sauvignon

This looked a proper bargin when I spied it on the shelves at "less than half price". At £3.99, though, it tastes overpriced and is best drunk straight out of the bottle. Leave it a day or to and the acid flavour strengthens.

Drunk straight from an unopened bottle, it slips down smoothly but the flavour is lacking with little complexity.

It's a thoroughly disappointing wine I will be avoiding like the plague. I have drunk worse, but it certainly isn't value for money 4/10