Sunday, 12 December 2010

Vina Maipo Reserva Shiraz 2009

With the Christmas season approaching the offers in supermarkets can often seem to good to be true. I enjoy Chilean wine so when I saw this bottle marked down from £8.49 to £3.99, I thought it was worth a try at the very least.

This Valle Central is described as blackberries, vanilla and chocolate on the label but like most Shiraz wine, it has a spicy and fruity flavour. It complements spicy food well and would enhance any similar food.
The wine has a good flavour but is a little thin. It might actually be a good wine to buy for the future.

At £3.99, its a glood price and certainly goes down well with a meal at home. At its full price, its vastly overpriced, but would still hold up as a reasonably good £4.99wine.
Over all, a 7/10 at the new price

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